Welcome to Grapevine Restaurant - Your Top Drive-Through Restaurant in Lumberton, NC

Nov 7, 2022

Indulge in a Wide Range of Delicious Food Options

Grapevine Restaurant is proud to be your go-to drive-through restaurant, serving the Lumberton, NC community and beyond. With our commitment to exceptional quality, enticing flavors, and swift service, we guarantee an unforgettable dining experience for every taste bud.

Fulfill Your Cravings

When it comes to food, we understand the importance of variety and quality ingredients. Our expansive menu offers an array of options, ranging from satisfying burgers and sandwiches to flavorful salads and mouthwatering desserts. Whether you're in the mood for a juicy cheeseburger, a classic club sandwich, or a refreshing salad to fuel your day, we have it all.

Impeccable Service and Convenience

At Grapevine Restaurant, we strive to exceed your expectations not only in terms of taste but also in providing convenience. Our drive-through service ensures that you can enjoy our delectable offerings without the hassle of leaving your car. Simply place your order, sit back, and let our dedicated team take care of the rest.

A Commitment to Quality

From the moment you step foot into Grapevine Restaurant, you'll notice our dedication to excellence. We prioritize sourcing the finest, freshest ingredients available, ensuring every bite is bursting with flavor. Our experienced chefs skillfully craft each dish with attention to detail, resulting in exceptional culinary creations.

Ambiance and Atmosphere

While we specialize in drive-through service, we also offer a cozy indoor dining area where you can relish your food with friends and family. Our warm and inviting ambiance, combined with friendly staff, creates an atmosphere that makes every visit memorable.

Delightful Dining Experience

At Grapevine Restaurant, we believe that a meal should be more than just satisfying your hunger. It should be an experience to cherish. That's why we go above and beyond to ensure that every customer leaves with a smile. From our exceptional food and cozy seating to our efficient service, we aim to make your dining experience with us truly delightful.

Join Us Today

If you're in Lumberton, NC, or passing through the area, make sure to visit Grapevine Restaurant for an exceptional drive-through dining experience. Taste the difference, embrace the convenience, and indulge in a wide array of delicious culinary creations.

Contact and Location Information

  • Name: Grapevine Restaurant
  • Category: Food and Drink - Restaurants and Delivery
  • Address: 123 Main Street, Lumberton, NC 12345
  • Phone: (123) 456-7890
  • Website:http://grapevine-restaurant.com/Lumberton-NC

Visit us today and let Grapevine Restaurant become your preferred drive-through restaurant in Lumberton, NC. Experience exceptional flavors, impeccable service, and a dining adventure you won't soon forget. We can't wait to serve you!

Junisa Brima
Yum! 🍔🍟 Grapevine Restaurant is hands down the best drive-through spot in Lumberton, NC. Their wide range of delicious food options never disappoints! From savory burgers to crispy fries, they've got it all. Indulge in a mouthwatering meal at Grapevine Restaurant today! 😋
Nov 11, 2023
Alisha Smith
I always look forward to visiting Grapevine Restaurant for their tasty menu.
Oct 31, 2023
Amy Donate
I can't resist the tempting food options at Grapevine Restaurant.
Sep 2, 2023
Michael Wasserburger
The convenience of the drive-through at Grapevine Restaurant makes it my top choice.
Aug 12, 2023
Weiyan Liu
The drive-through option at Grapevine Restaurant is perfect for busy days.
Jul 29, 2023
Hannah Nguyen
The food options at Grapevine Restaurant are truly diverse and mouthwatering.
Jul 20, 2023
Steve Selk
Grapevine Restaurant's drive-through makes dining out easy and enjoyable.
Jul 17, 2023
Jeffrey Starnes
I love the convenience of the drive-through service at Grapevine Restaurant.
Jun 24, 2023
Samantha Voorhees
I appreciate the fantastic food and service at Grapevine Restaurant.
Jun 15, 2023
Wendy Gallart
The swift service at Grapevine Restaurant is a game-changer!
May 5, 2023
Kenneth Purcell
The flavors at Grapevine Restaurant are always on point.
Jan 29, 2023
Karen Miller
Grapevine Restaurant's quick service makes it the perfect stop for a delicious meal on the go.
Jan 19, 2023
Jason Bareiszis
The variety of food choices at Grapevine Restaurant is impressive.
Jan 14, 2023
Brett Becker
Grapevine Restaurant never fails to deliver delicious meals in a hurry.
Dec 21, 2022
Laurel Morrissey
Grapevine Restaurant's commitment to quality shines through in every dish.
Dec 12, 2022
Rob Muir
I'm always satisfied with the quality of food at Grapevine Restaurant.
Nov 23, 2022
Joe Zavattieri
The variety of flavors at Grapevine Restaurant keeps me coming back for more.
Nov 20, 2022
Marlon Holford
The flavors at Grapevine Restaurant never disappoint!
Nov 9, 2022